About Me

Welcome friends! Here’s where you get to know just a bit about me.

I know most wedding photographers live and breathe LOVE but to be honest I’ve always been a bit too volatile to grow up a hopeless romantic and never spent time dreaming about my perfect wedding. But when the right man came along and swept me off my feet I could no longer deny the truth that real love really can conquer all. Its nearly impossible to put into words how blessed and fulfilled I am through my roles as wife and mom(x3). I’ve been given the gift of love and life 4 times and these relationships are ones I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

I do love love, I promise but I’m more obsessed with happiness and laughter. No lie. I’m extroverted, spontaneous and a bit sarcastic so if you’re down with a few shenanigans I guarantee we’ll laugh a lot during our time together. I try to manifest a bit of the joy that laughter brings into all of my work. I’ll make it my mission to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy during your engagement session and wedding so I can capture you in the most natural and organic way possible.

If you’d like to chat more, please do message me! I’m an open book, for clients and other photographers, so don’t be shy!