Tanya & Maz : White Rock Engagement Session

Ohh, boy. My last blog post was written 1.5 years ago – oops! But this seems to be a real trend here on my website…consistent blogging for a short time and then a big break, on repeat. It’s honestly really hard to stay consistent on all forms of social media but this is the one area that truly showcases what I’m doing and actually brings in the inquiries so my goal is to focus on stepping up my blogging game again this year. I’m never sure if people still read them but putting blog posts up is good for my SEO and all of my research tells me that, outside of word of mouth referrals, Goggle is still king in regards to where my inquiries come from so here we are. I hope you’ll follow along 🙂

I took the entire summer off from shooting weddings last year to welcome and adjust to life with our fifth baby. I’ll admit that I had this irrational fear that the world would forget all about me and that I’d never be hired for a wedding again! But it turns out I was being silly and I’m happy to have several amazing weddings on the calendar for this year and I can not wait to get back into the swing of things.

These photos were taken almost a year ago now, just a few short days before my little Lincoln arrived into the world. Tanya & Maz were so kind and gracious as I slowly waddled around the rocky beaches of White Rock with my overdue belly. I was nervous Lincs would show before the shoot but he was generous enough to wait another few days, lol! Can’t think of a better way to spend the time waiting for a baby, though.

Can’t wait to capture their wedding day in just 5ish weeks!!

Formal engagement session at White RockCouple dancing on beach during engagement sessionGirl in red dress laughing while boy in suit hugs her on the beachblack and white photo of engaged couple on white rock beachcouple linking arms and drinking wine on the beach at sunsetglass house estate winery white rock engagement session

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