Manning Park Wedding : Kim & Dale

Kim & Dale’s wedding at Manning Park last week was a (the?) highlight of my career. I couldn’t wipe the goofy grin off my face all day, no matter how hard I tried. Honestly, I never dreamed that I’d shoot a wedding at Manning Park or that I could be this excited/fulfilled through my work but hokey petes – I’m so pumped right now, haha! On top of all the amazing-ness that was this wedding I got to shoot it with my main girl Jete! For some reason we bring out the absolute best (and sometimes worst 😉 ) in each other and we were told several times throughout the day that our energy was infectious and that we were pretty cool peeps, so we went home with prettty swollen heads 😉 And I got told that I looked like Katniss Everdeen so that wasn’t the worst experience either…though the lady who said that told me AFTER she threw a bean bag at my leg and was probably just looking to suck up a bit…. 😉 In truth, though…!!!! Seriously. Such fun guests, such a laid back couple and the goooorgeous scenery of Manning Park to top things off!

I was with the girlies in the morning, photographing details and Kim getting into her amaaaazing dress!

bridal details

wedding dress hanging on tree

portrait of bride to be

bride getting ready on morning of wedding

bride getting ready

bride getting ready

black and white pictures of bride in wedding dress

bridal portrait

Meanwhile Jete was with the guys, taking these awesome pics!

groom detail shots

groom getting ready on morning of wedding

groom tying tie

groom rolling up sleeve

Charlene Stam Photography_0379


Kim & Dale chose to have a first look in the Alpine Meadows up at Manning Park. They trudged through the meadows in all their splendor with groomsmen and bridesmaids in tow! Loved seeing their reaction to one another. They choose a different approach in that they both walked towards each other as opposed to the groom having his back turned and I actually liked it better! Their faces changed and got more excited they closer they got to each other!

flowers in alpine meadow

first look at wedding in manning park

first look in the alpine meadows of manning park

And then we jumped straight into portraits!!!! So, so sooooooo in love with Manning Park!! This is my shot below..

Charlene Stam Photography_0387

…and the same shot from Jete’s perspective!

Charlene Stam Photography_0400

Charlene Stam Photography_0390

Charlene Stam Photography_0391

Charlene Stam Photography_0392

Charlene Stam Photography_0393

In LOVE with this wide angle shot from Jete! ⇓

Charlene Stam Photography_0401

And this is one of MY faves from the day 🙂

Charlene Stam Photography_0394

Another AMAZING image by Jete! ⇓

Charlene Stam Photography_0403

Charlene Stam Photography_0395

Charlene Stam Photography_0396

Charlene Stam Photography_0397

Charlene Stam Photography_0398

Same place, same location as the photos above, but from Jete’s perspective!

Charlene Stam Photography_0404

Charlene Stam Photography_0408

Charlene Stam Photography_0409

Charlene Stam Photography_0410

Charlene Stam Photography_0411

Charlene Stam Photography_0415

And then we were torn away from our heaven on earth to head down the mountain for their ceremony at the look out point! STUNNING views!!

Charlene Stam Photography_0412

And while I worked, Jete made friends with all the woodland fellows 😉 I see some pretty sweet back light on that first little guy 😉

Charlene Stam Photography_0413

After the ceremony we had a bit of a wait while the busses took everyone down to the main lodge, so we figured we’d sneak in a few more portraits overlooking the mountains. I kinda love these contrasty images. I used to be so afraid of shooting in full sun, but I’m coming to really understand how epic it can be!!

Charlene Stam Photography_0414

Charlene Stam Photography_0416

Charlene Stam Photography_0418

And then we were off to the main lodge where K&D had set up huge lawn games for their guests to enjoy! They spent MONTHS making these games and I’d say it was well worth the effort! After some time of mingling with their guests we were sat down to an amaaaazing plated dinner!

lawn games at manning park

wedding reception at manning park

Kim & Dale – thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! I’ve been on the best adventures with the two of you and I’m sad that it’ll be coming to an end now that you’re hitched! You guys are awesome, your friends are awesome and your families were the best! I feel so incredibly thankful that you guys invited me along for your day and trusted me to capture it!

And in case aaaanyone wants to see just HOW pumped I was about my life on this day I’ll share this shot that Jete took of me on Saturday. Maybe not standing in the best light, but I was certainly in my element 😉

Charlene Stam Photography_0419

Much love, all!

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